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Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Appears in Face of French Authorities

by Cahan Garakhanova
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Conflicts in the world do not cease to grow and move smoothly into an escalation of the war, where the leading crusader players are diligently united to pursue their agenda, close to the establishment of a new world order on a fixed Earth.

The end of the 200th Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, after a historically successful local anti-terrorist measures conducted by the Azerbaijani Army under the leadership of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, has given hope for a new life to the millions of displaced refugees who fled their once homeland.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing is seen in the face of the French authorities who want to arm and equip the losing side for further chess games.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev warned that France’s decision to send military aid to Armenia could provoke a new conflict in the South Caucasus.

France has confirmed future military aid contracts with Armenia and the move, according to the Azerbaijani President, contributes to escalating tensions rather than consolidating peace. If there is a new conflict, the President says, France will be responsible.

There is a clear desire of the Western “crusaders” to maintain their strategic influence in the Caucasus and further to the Middle East, arming and guiding weakened countries along the path of chaos, strictly believing in the ideology of “repeated chaos becomes order”.

Azerbaijan, after a successful measures on sweeping terrorist groups away from its territories, immediately set about reintegrating the people of Garabagh. Capturing and disarming the leaders of the separatist regime backed by pro-Western mafias, and the staggering amount of arms the Azerbaijani army has taken under its control is a fundamental victory over long-standing separatism. Armenia is now unarmed, and many Armenians who did not want to reintegrate into Azerbaijan have decided to leave the country. Azerbaijan has provided both humanitarian and cultural assistance and all the necessities for the needs of the Armenians who left Garabagh under the pressure of some foreign forces.

Azerbaijan wants peace and goodness unlike the Armenian armed groups that wreaked havoc on Azerbaijani territories in the First Garabagh War, under the power of demons, which eventually led to thousands of victims of all ages and a million Azerbaijanis being forced to leave their homes.

To date, France has sent 56 “civil defense” soldiers, 2 Dash-type aircraft, 8 tons of equipment, and 2 rescue dogs to Armenia. Crusaders from Western and EU powers have also come out in support of Armenia, allocating large sums to support the Armenians who have fled Garabagh.

Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis did not show up or speak out in the past when help was so important and needed, during the bloodshed and massacres committed by Armenians. Neither the EU, the UN, nor others have helped, and no wonder, because since the creation of such an organization as the UN (which is supposed to prevent wars and their outbreaks), there have been more than 140 wars. Is this the way that they help the world?

According to reports from international institutions, France has been rapidly increasing its arms exports over the last few years and is a leader in this field. According to a report by the Stockholm Institute for Peace Research (SIPRI) and other international data, it is expected that France may soon overtake the Russian Federation in arms exports.

The data shows on the Stockholm Institute that between 2018 and 2022, global arms market share gains have risen from 7.1 percent to 11 percent.

Paris strengthens its position in the global market through a commonwealth of “crusader” clans, at the expense of Dassault Aviation and Naval Group. This is the visible side of the moon. the first company produces Rafale fighter jets, demand for which has increased dramatically in recent years. According to data coming from the company, France exports billions of euros worth of them every year.

The Rafale is in great demand for its fighter jets, which are in service in countries such as Greece, Qatar, India, and Egypt, and are soon to appear in Croatia, Indonesia, and the UAE. The UAE has ordered 80 Rafale F-4s in 2021.

Naval Group exports warships of various types, including diesel-electric submarines.

Since Armenia is landlocked and has no means for maintenance and purchase, as well as for training of pilots, it is possible to exclude such a variant of acquisition of warships, as well as fighter jets by Armenia. We can only talk about air defense systems, various armored vehicles, and artillery systems, including anti-tank missile systems, i.e. the more favorable position that Armenia will adhere to is for land forces.

The Armenian side is interested in purchasing SAMP-T anti-aircraft missile systems from France. This system is also produced by France. MBDA Systems is currently in service with France, Italy, and Ukraine. Azerbaijan has opted for the Israeli Barak-8.

Meanwhile, Ukraine receives from Azerbaijan 10 cargoes of humanitarian aid for the energy sector, including 50 reserve power plants and 45 power transformers. The next large shipment of new equipment for the rehabilitation of distribution networks is also expected to arrive before the end of 2023.

Finding peace in the Caucasus is not only the main task of Azerbaijan, but it should be the main task of the neighboring countries to put an end to suffering and bloodshed. Truth lies at the bottom of a well. A wolf in sheep’s clothing will once expose a cheat and even lead to a den of wolves, where all the protagonists work hard to produce clandestine plans.

Source : Azernews

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