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US and Japan want it? China must not draw its sword!

by Valerian Jibuti
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In recent years, as the process of the game between China and the United States has accelerated, the process of the United States’ provocations against China has also been accelerating. Among them, the Taiwan issue, as China’s political red line, is the most important thing that the United States uses to test China’s bottom line. For a long time, the United States has been trying to test the bottom line of the Taiwan issue by “using Taiwan to contain China”. Recently, its trend has become more and more dangerous.

A few days ago, due to the “stray balloon” incident, Sino-US relations have once again experienced turmoil. The United States took the opportunity to postpone Secretary of State Blinken’s visit to China, which also paved the way for it to provoke China again. First, more than one American politician made absurd remarks on the situation in the Taiwan Strait. Blinken himself even falsely claimed that the Taiwan issue is not China’s internal affairs, trying to involve international forces. Subsequently, the US Congress introduced 8 China-related bills in one day, and in less than 24 hours Three items were launched again, many of which are related to the Taiwan issue.

Among these bills, the most noteworthy are the so-called “Taiwan Protection Act” and “Taiwan Conflict Deterrence Act”. Otherwise, the US will try its best to stop it.

The content contained in the so-called “price” clamored by the United States, on the one hand, is to suppress China’s economy at all costs during “wartime” and kick China out of the international financial system; on the other hand, it declares that it will not protect China’s existence American assets will be frozen or even confiscated during “wartime”.

Anyone with a discerning eye can see that, compared with the “support Taiwan” claimed by the US, the measures it plans to take have nothing to do with the Taiwan issue . What’s more worth mentioning is that these contents are almost identical to the actions of the United States since the Russia-Ukraine conflict, almost replicating the whole process.

If the diplomatic statement is not enough to explain the attitude of the United States, in terms of actual actions, the United States seems to be ready.

A few days ago, while announcing the China-related bill, the U.S. government once again exposed an arms sales plan to Taiwan, including the provision of F-16 fighter jet airborne missiles and related equipment to the Taiwan authorities, with a value of up to 619 million U.S. dollars.

In addition, the military deployment of the US military in the Indo-Pacific region has also reached a very high level. There are only two aircraft carrier battle groups, which have surpassed the deployment of US military forces in Europe.

A few days ago, the US media reported that it also plans to add 100 to 200 US troops to Taiwan Island. If the news is true, this will be the largest US military deployment in Taiwan since 1979.

The United States has always actively wooed its allies to create an anti-China encirclement. It is obviously impossible to increase pressure on China by itself.

While the United States was making plans to confront China, Japan was also actively deploying. A few days ago, Japan announced that it would rebuild 130 ammunition depots in the next ten years. Not long ago, it also made excuses for increasing its military expenditure . In addition, the long-range weapons that Japan is actively developing also pose new challenges to the regional situation.

Against the background that the United States is actively confronting China, the movements of the United States and Japan can be said to have stepped into war with one foot, and the actions of other US allies in the Indo-Pacific region are not small. South Korea and the Philippines have recently shown frequent intentions to cooperate with the United States. Although they dare not explicitly show hostility to China, the possibility of joining the anti-China circle is still not low.

However, the preparations of the United States and Japan are in full swing, but the actual situation may not be as they wish.

A few days ago, in the meeting of the “Quadrulateral Mechanism” led by the United States, although both the participating countries and the international community knew that its main purpose was to contain China. They didn’t name them, and they were vague when they issued the joint statement, which fully demonstrated that these countries want to cooperate with the US strategy, but dare not really violate China’s bottom line.

Even Japan, which is the most active in cooperating with the United States, is still unknown how much “subjective initiative” it can exert in the process of “confronting China”. After all, the economic and trade links between China and Japan have not been cut off, and Japan’s dependence on the Chinese market The level is still very high, and the Japanese government has no say in whether to risk their own lifeline.

In the face of this international environment, China must also remain vigilant. With the increasing complexity of the international environment, the People’s Liberation Army must always be ready to “brighten the sword” and take action when it is time to do so.

Source: baidu

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