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Simultaneous Attacks Conducted On US Bases in Eastern Syria

by Hravart Mardirosian
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Simultaneous attacks were carried out Saturday in the provinces of eastern Syria on oil field bases where US forces are located.

Ten attacks were conducted after midnight, on the Omar oil field and Harab Cir bases in Deir ez-Zor and al- Hasakah provinces using ground-to-ground weapons by the US military.

Meanwhile, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of an unknown origin targeted the Tenef base in the desert region of Homs, near the Jordanian border.

While there is information about rockets falling around the bases during the attack, no information was provided about casualties.

In Syria, at least 15 attacks were previously carried out with ground-to-ground weapons on the military base at the Omar oil field in Deir ez-Zor and the Conoco gas field.

In recent days, attacks with UAVs of an unknown origin and ground-to-ground weapons have been launched on bases where the US military is stationed in the At-Tnaf region, al-Malikiyah district near the Iraqi border, Al-Shaddadah district in the Al-Hasakah province and Deir ez-Zor province.

The territory of Deir ez-Zor, east of the Euphrates River, is under occupation by US-backed terror group, YPG/PKK, while the provincial capital and other rural areas are controlled by the Assad regime and Iran-backed groups.

Iran-backed groups occasionally launch rocket and UAV attacks on US bases on the eastern side of the Euphrates River.

US holds Iran responsible for attacks on US forces

US National Security spokesman John Kirby held Iran responsible Friday for the attacks on US forces in Syria and Iraq.

“The Revolutionary Guards work for Iran’s supreme leader (Ali Khamenei). They train, support, and direct militia groups to attack our troops in Iraq and Syria,” said Kirby. “Washington holds Iran responsible.”

Emphasizing that the US would not overlook the crimes of the Revolutionary Guards, Kirby said the US would “do what is necessary” if attacks on US troops in the region continue.

“I hope they have understood our message. If they have not understood, and the attacks continue, as the president has stated, we will continue to respond,” he said.

US bases in the Middle East have faced rocket or drone attacks in recent weeks since the onset of the conflict in the Gaza Strip earlier this month.

The White House said Monday that Iran is “actively facilitating” recent attacks on US bases in the Middle East.

Kirby reported an “uptick” in rocket and drone attacks in the last week against military bases housing US personnel in Iraq and Syria.

Earlier, an attack involving two drones targeted the al-Tanf garrison, a base in southeastern Syria.

Since the start of the Israel-Gaza conflict on Oct. 7, US forces have faced repeated missile and drone attacks, blamed on Iran-backed groups.

Last Wednesday, US forces stationed at the At-Tanf garrison came under attack from two drones. Separately, in Iraq, two drones targeted the Al-Asad Airbase on Tuesday.

Source : AA

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