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New Surprise Offensive? – Expert Delineates Drones Used in Recent Armenian Provocation

by Malkhazi Zalkaliani
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Continuous provocative attacks from the Armenian side on the positions of the Azerbaijani Army do not cease, in order to divert public attention from the dispatch of 40 tonnes of humanitarian cargo sent from Baku for the Armenian minority living in Garabagh. However, since the separatist elements have been blocking the road from Aghdam to Khankendi, the vehicles have been on the road for the seventh day in a row, waiting to deliver the food to inhabitants heading to Khankendi.

Two days ago, in another provocation, the Armenians used an anti-aircraft missile in a cross-border firefight. A footage published by the Armenian side, which shows that these drones are actively used in the war between Russia and Ukraine, was quickly circulated on the Internet networks. To remind, earlier, during the demining of Ukrainian territories, Ukrainian military engineers had found Armenian-made E-001 M anti-personnel mines.

“Long before the 44-day war, Armenians had domestic drone production, albeit primitive. In any case, you have to understand that even the newest, most advanced weapons in 3-4-5 years inevitably become commonplace, and everything has its time, including the fact that the Armenians are getting their hands on drone technology, even if it’s not much, even if it’s weak, it’s inevitable.” the expert added.

Despite this, the latest clashes show that the Azerbaijani Army is ready for these threats, as casualties were big in Armenian side, and Azerbaijan responded them quickly and accurately.

Azerbaijan extensively used Bayraktar TB2 unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UAVs) to strike Armenian positions during the Second Garabagh War, resulting in the destruction of numerous targets, including two batteries of S-300PS surface-to-air missile systems (SAMs).

Given the realities that Armenia’s financial status is in a dire situation, expert further clarified the reason compelling Armenina to invest on production of these drones even in a non-combat situation.

“Armenia is resorting to escalation of tensions in the region in order to increase the international noise around the conflict and draw the world’s attention to it. The main question is whether the delay in the peace agreement is the wish of Armenia alone, or of those centres of power that are always behind the Armenians,” the expert emphasised.

Despite reports that Armenia is looking to purchase armed drones from neighbouring Iran, it seems that the Armenian defence ministry is instead looking to introduce a domestic production system. Drone manufacturer Davaro is currently developing the Aralez UAV, which can be armed with up to four SMA A5 or AGB-003 guided bombs. The Aralez project is currently still in the early stages of development and is likely several years away from an operational system.

“Despite reports that mass production of munitions was to begin in the summer of 2020, only two Armenian munitions strikes were recorded during the Second Garabagh War in 2020. Nevertheless, it is clear that Armenia views its domestic drone developments with high hopes of using them to counter Azerbaijan’s growing military superiority. In 2022, Armenia’s leading drone developer Davaro signed cooperation agreements with Russia’s STC (developer of the Orlan-10), Kronstadt (developer of the Orion UAV) and the UAE’s EDGE Group,” Heydar Mirza added

Strongly fascinated Armenians, by the use of drones by Azerbaijan during the Second Garabagh war, apparently believed again, hoping to create, buy, and use drones to exacerbate the conflict and its continuation, as Armenians, as well as their patrons, do not need peace. Ultimately, Armenians used the MAP-FM2 (Long Endurance Fixed Wing), The MAP-FM2 endurance fixed wing is designed primarily for Structure from Motion imagery and mapping. To ensure imaging capability anywhere in the world.

Below is a list of drone strikes purchased, and in some cases manufactured, by Armenia itself.

Baze [2015], Krunk-25-1 [2011], Krunk-25-2 [2017], Kh-55 ”Army-55” [2015] (Root copy of Russian Ptero-E5), Kh-55M ”Army-55M” (Improved domestic copy of Russian Ptero-E5), Gryphon-12 [2021] Two configurations:(2), UL-350 [2022] [UAV] (Root copy of Russian Supercam S350), Orlan-10 [2020] (Received from Russia during the Garabagh War 2020), Believer (Replica), DJI Matrix, Unek Typhoon H3.

Source : Azernews

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