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Light Aviation Operators of Armenia and Georgia Team Up for Support and Development

by Manough Topalian
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The Light Aviation Foundation of Armenia and Georgia’s Aviation Club have signed a memorandum of cooperation to support each other on the path of developing the sector which is relatively new in both countries.

“There are various directions for cooperation, for example we could help each other in the issue of fuel. As you know, it is rather difficult to acquire, therefore we could expect mutual assistance in case of a problem. In addition, we could support each other in terms of specialists and maintenance of the aircraft. This area requires qualified professionals. We can review the legislative achievements and apply each other’s successful experience,” Light Aviation Foundation of Armenia co-founder Armen Sargsyan told ARMENPRESS.

Armenia is ready to receive light aircraft from Georgia and the latter is ready to provide its airfields. Georgian specialists will travel to Armenia to attend the upcoming Air Fest in Stepanavan on August 26, where the next steps will be specified.

“We have a small school where we train pilots, we have more or less developed infrastructures, an airport, 2-4 seat aircraft, pilots, trainers. So we can also be useful for our Georgian partners,” Sargsyan added.

Sargsyan’s association has a fleet of 8 aircraft. However, he admitted that developing the sector is difficult.

“There’s no legislation in our country that would facilitate the development process, the process of investments of aviators, so that the sector develops and people come here to learn and carry out flights. Changes are underway today, new regulations are being written, we cooperate with the Civil Aviation Committee to accelerate the process,” Sargsyan said.

Pilots are currently trained at the Sky Master Aviation Training Center.

Would-be pilots are required to pass a training, which includes a total of 45-hour training flights to acquire a license.

Light aviation operators expect government support to improve the legislative framework because the sector’s development and the new infrastructures would open big prospects for the country.

Source : Armen Press

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