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End of “Nagorno-Karabakh” Myth: Open Confessions From Armenian Leadership

by Ziya Salmanov
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The positive direction of the steps of the negotiation process of the peace treaty showed that the leadership of the Armenian government has already begun to come to terms with reality. Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan expressed his opinion about the inevitability of the abolition of “Nagorno-Karabakh” in a meeting with the ruling party’s activists. According to him, when the current leadership of Armenia came to power in 2018, it became clear that the emotional perception of the old government was far from reality, and that emotional perception led the plans with Garabagh to the abyss. The views expressed by the Prime Minister of Armenia at the meeting show that the old leaders of the government incited the Armenian nation to believe in a fabricated fantasy.

The former leadership of Armenia invented myths about the “invincibility” of its army and the “impenetrability of the Ohanyan line” and introduced those ideas to the people of Armenia. In fact, the co-chair countries of the OSCE Minsk Group had a big role in creating these ideas. For OSCE Minsk Group countries, the frozen state of this conflict can be presented as an indicator of their geopolitical goals.

The beginning of the Second Garabagh War and its ending with the victory of Azerbaijan in 44 days played a tremendous role in the change of the position of the new government of Armenia with Garabagh. It was an indication that the ideas that the Armenian government has been instilling in its people over the years do not reflect reality. Armenia’s recognition of Garabagh as Azerbaijan’s territory at the quadrilateral meeting held in Prague in October 2022 and the subsequent processes leading to the conclusion of the peace treaty proved that the Armenian authorities have come to terms with reality and have already accepted the impossibility of the Junta regime remaining under the name of Nagorno-Karabakh. It was only apparent that the Armenian leadership had not completely given up its claims on the issue of the so-called Nagorno-Karabakh. This was caused by certain forces in Yerevan and Garabagh. Those forces include the separatist leaders who are currently in prison in Azerbaijan and countries such as France and the United States that finance them from abroad. After the arrest of those separatist leaders, it was clear that there was no longer any obstacle to the restoration of Azerbaijan’s sovereignty. However, the statements made by the leaders of the separatists during the investigation while they were in prison in Azerbaijan were an indication of the opposite of what happened. After the successful completion of the last anti-terrorist operation of the Azerbaijani army, the military spoils taken from the separatist forces of the junta regime revealed the facts of arming Armenia by the West, and most importantly, by France.

After the raising of the Azerbaijani flag in Khankendi, successive biased statements of the US and French officials against Azerbaijan proved that the mentioned countries finance the separatist regime and pursue their interests in the presence of a junta regime in the South Caucasus. Those forces tried to put pressure on Azerbaijan and voiced unsubstantiated and untruthful opinions.

Regarding these invented ideas, the leadership of Azerbaijan has repeatedly expressed its objection to those countries, and it should be noted that the relations with those countries were on the verge of worsening.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s response to untruthful views about Azerbaijan in his talks with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken led to the US changing its wrong position. The US side has already begun to understand that unproven and fabricated ideas will lead to a complete disruption of international and economic relations. Although the fabricated opinions voiced by the United States and the European Union against Azerbaijan seemed like a small consolation to the Armenian authorities, in reality, they were an open manifestation of the interests of the West and the United States in the South Caucasus. However, the successful policy of the Azerbaijani President and negotiations with US officials overturned these hypocritical interests.

At present, it seems that the leadership of Armenia understands that no force can influence Azerbaijan and that the interests of the Azerbaijani people and the sovereignty of Azerbaijani lands are important to the leadership of Azerbaijan.

In a nutshell, the approval of the administration of the President of Azerbaijan and the office of the Prime Minister of Armenia regarding the peace agreement showed that the Armenian authorities are already in favour of concluding peace, and beyond doubt, the conclusion of peace will have a positive effect on the political and economic interests of both states.

Source : Azernews

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