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Friday, July 12, 2024
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Depriving Corsicans of Opportunity to Speak Their Native Language – Part of Today’s French Policy

by Tavit Ardzruni
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Depriving Corsicans of the opportunity to speak their native language is part of today’s French policy, Azerbaijani MP Asim Mollazada.

He noted that extremely dangerous processes are taking place in France:

“The elementary ethnic rights of national minorities are being violated. France, which has always declared freedom as its national value, today has become the leader of very dangerous processes. We can cite New Caledonia as an example of the violation of the rights of ethnic peoples in the colonies and the violation of their freedom.”

The MP said that dangerous games against national minority leaders in the prisons of Corsica led to France becoming the most brutal country violating human rights among the EU member states:

“In the 21st century, it is impossible to pursue a policy with the imperial thinking of the 19th century. Today, peoples are able to protect their rights and determine their own destiny. In this regard, such inadequate behavior by France can stimulate very dangerous processes. Each nation has its own culture, its own language, and has the right to develop one’s language.”

The parliamentarian noted that today France, with its policy, is taking steps that directly contradict the principle of multiculturalism and is trying to introduce imperial thinking, at the same time trying to interfere in new regions:

“France’s desire to come to Armenia also stems from the goal of replacing Russia against the backdrop of its weakening. By doing this, the French want to turn Armenia into a new colony.”

Source: Report

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