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Armenia Pressures White House to Get it Involved in Separatists’ Game in Garabagh

by Cahan Garakhanova
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Armenia’s arbitrariness and traditional method of setting up provocations have left the West in a desperate situation. A handful of separatist lobbyists are making noise in the US Congress and even threatening the leadership of the White House.

It is all about the sovereign territories of Azerbaijan, and the so-called regime’s groundless claims about the “blockade” in Azerbaijan’s Garabagh. The separatists, who needlessly keep the Western public and officials busy, in this regard, constantly make their patrons in the West take illogical steps by any means, and do not hesitate to apply certain pressures to the governing structures of the countries.

Operating in the United States Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) Chairman Raffi Hamparian has called upon U.S. Senators to place a hold on all nominations to the State Department, blocking any new confirmations until President Biden takes decisive action to stop the so-called blockade in Azerbaijan’s own territory. ANCA’s illogical and biased statement allegedly calls for the imposition of severe sanctions against Azerbaijan, and it is claimed that the ANCA’s call is backed up by a nationwide advocacy campaign, empowering Armenian and allied Americans from all fifty states to send letters urging their Senators to take this principled stand – in accord with U.S. interests and American values.

The mentioned facts show that the Armenian lobby not only engages in nonsense in the West, but also completely twined round the management system of the West. It also shows that a giant country like America has become a tool in the hands of a group of separatists that do not matter at all in the truest sense of the word. Why does the West turn a blind eye to these lies? Why are facts and realities always overshadowed when seen through the eyes of the West?

Azerbaijan has been waiting for a response from the Armenian community for the eighth day along the Aghdam-Khankendi road with trucks full of food. The separatists are trying to portray themselves as being under a “blockade” by creating a scene and blocking the way of aid sent by Azerbaijan. If we are talking about the Lachin road, then the legal grounds may clarify that the road is under the control of the Azerbaijan State Border Troops. First of all, until the border checkpoint was established on the Lachin road, Armenian armed provocations were constantly presented to the world community with evidence. This was repeatedly discussed between the parties in joint meetings between Armenia and Azerbaijan with mediators, and both the West and Russia voiced a common opinion with Azerbaijan about the logical outcome of the process. The question is asked, why was Armenia not even warned about this when Armenian separatist elements were transporting weapons, ammunition and illegal goods from Armenia to Azerbaijan until the Lachin road was no under control of the State Border Services of the Republic of Azerbaijan? If the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan is unequivocally recognized, then the baseless claims of Armenia and the separatist regime should or can be rejected at least. However, today Azerbaijan is watching a completely different scene. So to speak, sheep appear in wolves’ clothing. This means Armenian hypocrites try to appear worse than they are. Nevertheless, it takes a lot of courage to put pressure on White House leadership, and to mock Congress with their lies. It should be either courage or foolish bravery. However, if the Armenians had courage, they would show it in the integration of the Armenian society living in Garabagh and allow people to meet face to face with Azerbaijani community. It seems that the Armenian lobby has lost its mind so much that it cannot realize who it is playing with.

Even so, their groups in Karabakh are of the same mind. If it were the other way around, instead of creating a scene of a bread line with coupons, they would accept the food sent to them normally and not engage the public’s mind with meaningless games.

As for those in the West, they should not confuse Azerbaijan with others. Although they easily play with the White House and Congress, Azerbaijan is not tolerant of their light games. They must bear in mind that the end of all this game they have fabricated ends with integration by crossing the Aghdam-Khankendi road.

Source : Azernews

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