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Armenia High Commissioner for Diaspora Sums up Germany Visit

by Gaioz Arabidze
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High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs of Armenia Zareh Sinanyan paid a working visit to Germany, from May 7 to 15, the commissioner’s office informs Armenian News-NEWS.am. In Munich, Zareh Sinanyan met with Chairman of the Armenian Patriotic Union of Bavaria Ani Telyan and a number of other representatives. The High Commissioner toured the building of the Union, also met with the teaching staff of the school named after Hovhannes Tumanyan operating under the Union. A meeting was held with Head of the center Anush Chakhalyan and its members at the “Anush” dance and culture center. Then the High Commissioner participated in the evening organized by the Association of Armenian Women of Munich. A separate meeting was held with the representatives of the organizations operating in the Armenian community of Munich. During the meetings, the topics of discussion were mainly related to the Armenia-Diaspora cooperation, strategy, repatriation process and existing problems.

During the meeting the teachers raised issues and problems related to the provision and delivery of textbooks for one-day schools of Diaspora, publication of a number of new and modern educational support materials for children of middle and high school and preschool age, offline and online formats for the organization of teacher retraining. The investment policy of Armenia and possibility of issuing Diaspora bonds were also touched upon. High Commissioner Zareh Sinanyan visited the Diocese of the Armenian Church of Germany in Cologne and met with Primate His Grace Bishop Serovbe Isakhanyan, parish priest of Cologne and surrounding area Ter Vahridsch Baghdasaryan and members of the Diocesan Council. Then the High Commissioner had a tour of the St. Sahak-St. Mesrop Cathedral of Cologne. During the meeting with the representatives of the Armenian communities of Cologne and nearby settlements the High Commissioner noted that the German-Armenian community is not only active in Germany and involved in various fields of cultural life in Germany, but also actively participates in all the programs and initiatives of the Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs. During the meeting with Mayor of Cologne Henriette Recker, a reference was made to the Armenian community of Cologne. The High Commissioner particularly emphasized the issue of preserving the Armenian language and addressed the Mayor to discuss the possibility of including the Armenian language teaching class for the Armenian schoolchildren studying in the public schools of Cologne. In Berlin, the High Commissioner met with the representatives of the Armenian structures and a number of individuals active in the community. During the meeting, the possibilities of involving Armenian Diaspora in the development of Armenia in various fields and, in particular, the best use of the potential of young professionals were discussed. High Commissioner Zareh Sinanyan met with the representatives of the Armenian structures operating in Hamburg and a number of individuals of Armenian nationality in the hall of the “Armenian Community 1965 of Hamburg” organization.

The High Commissioner presented in detail the activities, programs, repatriation process, current situation in Armenia-Diaspora relations, initiatives aimed at attracting the potential of Diaspora implemented by the office since 2019. The High Commissioner called on the youth of the community to participate in the National Youth Forum and the 8th Pan-Armenian Games to be held in Armenia in August. The meeting continued in the format of questions and answers. The questions mainly related to the provision of textbooks to schools in Diaspora, teacher retraining and general methodology issues, repatriation, challenges of Armenia and Artsakh, military service, difficulties of maintaining Armenian identity in Diaspora. During the meeting with the representatives of the “Mantashyants” business club and Armenian Business Network, the investment policy and opportunities in Armenia were discussed. The High Commissioner also visited the school of the “Armenian Community 1965 of Hamburg” organization, where an Armenian dance group and a choir operate. Zareh Sinanyan toured the school, got acquainted with the activities and existing problems of the school and cultural groups.

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