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Aircraft carriers threaten China, and Britain and France risk war: Russia and Taiwan cannot win

by Valerian Jibuti
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On March 10, the heads of state of Britain and France held the 36th British-French summit in Paris. Macron and Sunak reached a consensus. According to the joint declaration issued after the meeting, the two sides also discussed many issues.

First, the two sides talked about the current Russia-Ukraine issue that is in full swing. Macron and Sunak reached a consensus that Britain and France should provide security for Ukraine. At the same time, they also vowed that Russia will never be allowed to win this conflict because it will be a disaster for Europe. It can be seen that the leaders of Britain and France reached a consensus on the Russia-Ukraine issue.

Second, in addition to the Russia-Ukraine issue, the two sides also focused on the Taiwan Strait issue. The leaders of the two countries agreed that resolving the Taiwan Strait issue in a peaceful manner is in the interests of all parties, and warned China not to unilaterally change the status quo on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. China will work with the United States to exert enormous pressure on China.

Third, in this joint declaration, the two sides focused on China. The leaders of the two countries agreed that China has become a “systemic challenge” to the Western world. Therefore, Britain and France are preparing to coerce China from multiple aspects. On the one hand, they must keep a close eye on China’s practices in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet and other places on human rights issues, putting enormous pressure on China. On the other hand, it is necessary to make China feel the powerful forces from Britain and France in terms of military deployment, and to coordinate the deployment of the aircraft carriers of the two countries in the Indo-Pacific region, so as to form a siege of China and let China feel the British and French forces at close range. The naval power of the two countries in order to deter any attempt by China to persecute the rules-based international order.

Many problems arose in the joint declaration of the two countries reached at the 36th UK-French summit held in Paris on March 10. In the declaration of the 36th summit reached by Sunak and Macron, there are also deep-seated reasons why China was highlighted. How to treat the coercive voices of Britain and France against China is also an issue worthy of discussion.

First of all, from the perspective of France, the series of agreements reached by Macron and Sunak this time are actually not beneficial to France at all. From an overall evaluation, Macron is indeed a political clown who cannot be supported by mud. In the declaration reached at the summit of the leaders of Britain and France, on the issue of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Macron vowed to provide security for Ukraine. Russia is absolutely not allowed to win. The crux of the problem is that Macron should also know how much money France has. The “Minsk Agreement” was completed under the leadership of Merkel. French President François Hollande at the time only attended the meeting temporarily. On the Ukrainian issue, France is just playing the role of soy sauce.

Since the Russia-Ukraine conflict broke out a year ago, nothing France has done can convince the outside world that France can provide security guarantees for Ukraine. If France can really provide security guarantees to Ukraine, how can Russia launch special military operations in Ukraine? Macron should really think about this. At the same time, Macron vowed to reporters that Russia would never be allowed to win this victory in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, but the problem is that Russia currently holds the initiative in Ukraine, and Macron can’t do anything to Putin. So much so that Macron wanted to contact Putin, the Kremlin did not take this issue, and Macron’s face was not too big. On the issue of Russia and Ukraine, I have to say that Macron is really a bit overwhelmed.

At the same time, on the Taiwan Strait issue and on the issue of handling relations with China, Macron made even more mistakes. At the end of 2022, at the APEC meeting held in Bangkok, Thailand, Macron insisted that “France is also a Pacific country” flag. As a member of APEC, France also wants to join this summit. Macron vowed that the Asia-Pacific will be the highland of economic development in the 21st century and the future hope of the world. Therefore, France will shift its focus to the Asia-Pacific. Macron said that it is necessary to develop well in the Asia-Pacific. If it does not establish a good relationship with China, but provokes troubles around China, France will have no good fruit.

In the joint declaration of the heads of state of Britain and France, Macron showed such hostility towards China that he may not be able to visit China as scheduled in the future. You should really ask yourself and weigh how much you have. From Macron’s point of view, what I have to feel is that the outside world still had hope for France and Macron, and told France to achieve strategic independence at every turn. Now a conflict between Russia and Ukraine has made the United States’ control over Europe even tighter. France has also been completely chemically castrated economically and spiritually by the United States under the leadership of Macron. As the world has commented, after Charles de Gaulle, France has no man who can stand up.

Secondly, from the perspective of British Prime Minister Sunak, the Anglo-French declaration directly points the focus and goals to China. It makes people have to sigh that Sunak, as the British Prime Minister, is really a “black-bellied man”.

First, Sunak’s dictating to China on the Taiwan Strait issue is an interference in China’s internal affairs. The Taiwan Strait issue is China’s internal affairs and the core issue for the rise of the Chinese nation. No external forces are allowed to interfere at all. Sunak frequently uses the security of the so-called Taiwan Strait to prevent mainland China from realizing the reunification of the motherland. His intention is to follow the US strategy of “using Taiwan to contain China” to suppress, contain and contain China. This kind of “black-bellied psychology” can be called It is Sima Zhao’s heart and everyone knows it.

Second, Sunak also threatened that the reason why the UK is now adopting such a hostile attitude towards China is mainly because China challenges the rule-based international order dominated by the West. I have to say that Sunak is right about this. . The rules-based international order dominated by the West undoubtedly wants the West to remain above other countries in the world, to continue to be domineering, and to exercise hegemony, hegemony, and bullying wantonly. Regarding this unfair phenomenon, China, as a responsible global power, of course has to say no, and must work hard to correct this unfair order. Sunak should think about it carefully. The Russia-Ukraine conflict has revealed the trend of multi-polarization in the world, and it has shown that the rule-based order dominated by the West is only an external continuation of the international order that seeks profit from the West. In the era of global political awakening, China, Russia, and countries in many other regions have voiced their opposition. If the UK goes against the trend, the UK will not even be able to retain the current special relationship between the UK and the US.

At the same time, Sunak also stated that he will coordinate with Macron to deploy the aircraft carriers owned by the two countries in the Indo-Pacific region, in order to intimidate China not to do anything in the Taiwan Strait and to intimidate China not to change the status quo in the South China Sea. It has to be pointed out that the UK only has two aircraft carriers. If the UK and France really send their aircraft carriers to the Asia-Pacific and deploy them around China, these aircraft carriers will only become China’s target ships when it comes time to tear their faces apart. . Therefore, I still want to remind Prime Minister Sunak that it is no longer the era of “the empire on which the sun never sets”. The clown who jumped the beam did not know why he performed so hard.

Finally, from China’s point of view, in fact, China has long been used to the British-French alliance and the continuous intimidation of China in this declaration. At the press conference of the National People’s Congress on March 7, Foreign Minister Qin Gang made it very clear that in the current era of wolves in power and surrounded by wolves, China must dance with wolves. At the same time, China must not only learn to live with wolves Wu must also have the strength to keep wolves at bay. All in all, China has now made it clear that the Western countries led by the United States have formed a situation to encircle, suppress and contain China. Political dwarfs like Sunak and Macron frequently provoke China on the political stage. In fact, China does not need to pay more attention to them. These people are just politicians selected by draft politics. It really has no value. For China, the most important task is to carry out all aspects of work in an orderly manner in accordance with the deployment of the central government. The faster China’s peaceful forces grow, the stronger China’s ability to prevent and contain wars will be.

All in all, China has only one sentence for the declaration issued by the UK-French summit on March 10, accusing China and attempting to use force to coerce China: When the jackal comes, there is a shotgun; when a friend comes, there is good wine.

Source: baidu

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