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A demonstration was organized to oppose the eviction of a georgian family with three childreen

by Manough Topalian
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A demonstration was organized on December 16 to oppose the eviction of a family with three children, aged one to twelve.

A demonstration was organized on December 16, 2022 in the “Odette Roux” garden, in the city center of Les Sables-d’Olonne.

They were nearly 70 demonstrators gathered in less than 24 hours, to show their support for a family from Georgia and threatened with expulsion from French territory. An expulsion that the demonstrators consider “inhuman” at this Christmas time and unjustified in view of the “good integration of the family”.

It was the teachers of the Pierre Mauger college and the Marcel-Hordenneau school where the children are educated who alerted the associations.

The three children in the family are aged one, nine and twelve.

This Friday, representatives of the Movement for Peace, Cimade, Emmaus, parents of students were thus gathered in front of the Pierre Mauger college.

The family arrived in Les Sables-d’Olonne in September 2001. “It is perfectly integrated and appreciated”, insist the demonstrators.

The procedure of obligation to leave the French territory, delivered by the prefecture of Vendée is engaged.

Hosted in accommodation at the reception center for asylum seekers, the family can be expelled at any time: if their right to asylum has been rejected and having exercised all possible remedies, they can be expelled at any time.
“Georgia is not a safe country”

Reason for denial of asylum: Georgia is considered “a safe country”. An appreciation that the associations do not share and even less the family who indicates “having left everything to come to France. He worked in a tourism company. She practiced as a dentist. But they preferred to flee the tensions existing in the country and above all, the underestimated threat of Russia. “Georgia is not a safe country. If Russia takes over Ukraine, then it will be our country’s turn,” the family said.

The threat is already very concrete, if we are to believe Françoise Michaud of Cimade and Bertrand Lavigne of the Mouvement pour la Paix who indicates that two regions are already occupied and that the country is part of the dream of Greater Russia nourished by Vladimir Cheese fries.

The purpose of the demonstration was to show that the family benefited from support in Sables-d’Olonne. These will be in working order. According to Jacques Barreteau, Emmaüs intends to find a solution to the problem of housing for the parents and the three children.

The Movement for Peace proposes to request an urgent meeting with the sub-prefect of Sables-d’Olonne so that he suspends the expulsion procedure.

And this, in a particularly symbolic period: the approach of Christmas, but also the international day of migrants, December 18.

Beyond the case of this Georgian family, it is to a global political reflection on the fate of migrants that the associations invite.

However, “politicians compete with stigmatizing speeches for migrants”, denounces Bertrand Lavigne. “This year again, the government is announcing the 29th immigration law since 1980.” A law which, according to associations, will promote selective immigration to the detriment of migrants and to the benefit of large companies looking for labor.\


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